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Without a working septic tank, your toilet will do more than stink up your house; it can lead to environmental and property damage like ruining soil quality, contaminate ground water and cause disease outbreaks.

septic system installations north floridaThe State of Florida places regulations on septic tanks for health and safety reasons and to guarantee that existing septic systems function properly. In order to keep your septic system working correct, we recommend master septic contractor, such as A & B Construction.

According to the Florida Department of Health, all buildings in Florida intended for occupancy must have state-approved septic systems. Any person wishing to make changes to an existing septic system must be approved by their county health department. Once an applicant has been approved for a new septic tank installation or modifications, they must choose a master septic tank contractor or registered septic tank contractor. The contractor will then make a visual inspection of an existing tank that is empty before any changes are made to determine if there are any leaks or any other additions should be made to bring the existing septic system into compliance with the health department standards.

Also according to the Florida Health Department, a septic tank in Florida must have a minimum 900 gallon capacity for up to 200 gallons of sewage flow per day. The gallon capacity increases on a sliding scale by the number of bedrooms or square footage in the household and whether the building is intended for commercial use.

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What is a Master Septic Contractor?

Master Septic Contractors are individuals allowed to perform site evaluations, repair permitting and inspections that were previously performed only by state health inspectors. This program was established in 1996 by the Florida Department of Health and applicants had to complete 30 hours of rigorous coursework on soil classification, system design and theory, contractor ethics, system material and construction standards and regulatory requirements. Each applicant then must pass a final exam administered by the Department of Health. Upon completion, the Master Septic Tank Contractor must complete 18 hours of continuing education courses annually to maintain their registration.

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