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Drainfield Installation, Repair & Replacement

Septic systems generally use a drainfield to dispose of household wastewater. When you wash clothes, flush your toilet or take a shower, all of this water will flow through the septic system and then flow into the drainfield. Drainfields are typically made up of a series of long, perforated pipes buried along the ground, rows of trenches partially-filled with gravel and perforated pipe laid on top of the gravel. Then the pipes are connected to the septic tank and covered with more gravel and soil.

A & B Construction uses EZ Flow™ products instead of gravel. EZ Flow™ has a geosynthetic modular design. We use EZ Flow™ because it is environment friendly, reduces soil compaction and improves drainfield performance. 

We provide:

We will provide you with a properly designed and sized drain field so that you can get many years of usage out of it. A poorly designed drain field can overwork your septic system and could create major problems.

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Drain field Repair

Owner of A & B Construction is a Master Septic Tank Contractor, licensed by the Florida Department of Health. A & B Construction replaces failed drain fields for septic systems.

Most of the time, drain fields cannot be repaired and have to be replaced. If we can break up the clogs and make sure there are no other problems occurring, we can repair your drain field. 

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Drain field Replacement

A & B Construction can perform a site evaluation, determine the wet season high water table as indicated by the soil characteristics, fill out the appropriate paperwork to obtain the permit from the Health Department for replacing the drainfield.

Give us a call at (386) 497-2311 for a free quote and more information.

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Common Questions about Drainfields

What causes the drainfield to need repair?

A build up of biomat material clogs the drainfield and soil, not allowing the liquids to be absorbed. If you drainfield needs repaired you will normally see a backup on the law, in plumbing fixtures and an odor.

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