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Septic Tank & System Installations

septic system installations north floridaA & B Construction specializes in installations of septic tank systems like Standard Septic Tank Systems and Aerobic Septic Tank Systems. Before you can install a septic tank, you must apply for permits and after it is installed it must be inspected. Owner of A & B Construction is a Master Septic Tank Contractor, licensed by the Florida Department of Health. Let A & B Construction take care of all the work; we can complete permitting and septic inspections.

Septic systems are not all the same; some tanks are plastic, concrete or fiberglass, some are above ground, some system drain fields are below ground, some are best suited for places along water, others are not. A & B Construction can help you choose which size septic system and which type of septic system you need for your property.

The site evaluation will determine the wet season water table. That will dictate the system design. We can complete the require Health Department paperwork and submit it to the appropriate County Health Department for approval.

septic system installations north floridaA & B Construction primarily uses an EZ Flow™ draining system in the drain field (right). However we can use Infiltrator, aggregate rock or any other product authorized by the State of Florida by customer request. EZ Flow is safe for the environment, reduces soil compaction and improves the performance of the drainfield.

We install new septic systems in residential and commercial buildings such as homes along rivers and bodies of water, schools, churches, banks, empty lots and basically anywhere!

Our staff can answer any questions regarding new septic systems, the best septic system for your home or lot and provide custom estimates for various needs. Give us a call today at (386) 497-2311.

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Septic System Repairs

septic system repair north floridaA & B can handle all types of septic system repairs. We have all the tools, skills, equipment and experience for completing minor and major septic tank repairs.

We have big and small equipment for any size septic repair need. For bigger projects, we have equipment to make any repair necessary for large areas. For smaller projects, we utilize our smaller equipment to make system repairs easier without destroying your property.

 Give us a call today at (386) 497-2311 for a service technician or custom quote.

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Common Questions about Septic Installations

What type of septic systems & products does A & B Construction install?

We install standard septic tank systems and Aerobic Septic Tank Systems. We use EZ Flow™ septic tank products.

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What is EZ Flow™?

septic system installations ez flow north floridaEZ Flow™ was developed by Infiltrator and replaces stone and pipe drain fields with an engineered geosynthetic modular design. EZ Flow™ is safe for the environment, reduces soil compaction and improves the performance of the drain field. Read more about EZ Flow™ here.

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What is a standard septic tank system?

A standard septic tank system is a gravity fed septic system containing three main parts; the septic tank, drainfield and soil.

  • The Septic Tank – the purpose is to separate solids from wastewater. It also stores and partially decomposes as much solid’s as it can allow the effluent (liquids) to pass through to the drainfield.
  • The Drainfield – is where effluent is discharged and known as an absorption or leach field. It is a network of pipes laid in trenches or beds.
  • The Soil – provides final treatment and disposal of effluent in the septic tank. After the wastewater (effluent) has passed into the soil, organisms in the soil treat the effluent before it enters ground or surface water. The type of soil used in a septic system impacts the effectiveness of the drainfield.

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What is an aerobic septic tank system?

Aerobic septic tank systems are similar to standard septic systems because they both use natural processes to treat wastewater. Aerobic systems use oxygen to treat effluent wastewater unlike standard systems. Aerobic system bacteria work faster than standard systems and process waste quicker. Aerobic systems use a mechanism to inject and circulate oxygen in the septic tank, which speeds up the treatment process. Aerobic systems also use electricity to run therefore cost more to operate and need routine maintenance. However, when aerobic systems are properly maintained they last for a long time and provide a higher quality of effluent treatment than the standard septic systems.

Aerobic septic systems can be installed above or below ground

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Which system should I install? Standard or Aerobic Septic System?

Our experienced and trained staff at A & B Construction can help you choose which type of septic system is best for your property. One of our technicians will come out and give you a custom quote and answer any questions you may have regarding septic tank systems and where it should be located on your property.

Aerobic septic systems are typically installed in locations where standard septic systems are not a viable option. Aerobic systems are used on lots along rivers and bodies of water.

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